Fire From The Gods on Tour with Korn and Staind

The Nu Normal


by: AJ Channer

Is this normal? What is normal? For me it’s the sounds of thousands of music fans screaming in unison “FUCK YEAH”. That’s my battle cry. Words that signify all is right with the world. That’s what I’m looking forward to on this upcoming tour with Korn and Staind. Yes Fire from the Gods has reached another nu height. We are getting the party started each night for 3 weeks with Korn and Staind. This is not only an achievement for FFTG but this is a personal milestone for your boy. I like so many metal heads that grew up during the 90’s am a massive Korn fan. This is going to be lit. With all the new public health concerns we are going to be ripping up amphitheatre stages across the Midwest and west coast of America from 30th august until mid September. Get your asses and let fucking go. Because it’s on! Peace. In us we trust.